Our services are comprehensive, covering prenatal and post-natal nutrition counselling and education for parents, caregivers and guardians, and the children for whom they care. This includes:

PREGNANCY NUTRITION - a healthy diet is important during pregnancy to keep you and your baby healthy.  Good nutrition can help ensure that your baby gets the best possible start.
INFANT NUTRITION & WHAT CHILDREN EAT- Unsure of what to feed your infant when. Nervous to start solid foods? I can help set out a plan to make the transition as easy as can be. What children eat affects everything in their lives - from energy levels, school performance, sickness and mood.
PICKY EATERS - This can be a tough challenge to crack. Trying to get your picky eater to enjoy a wide variety of foods can be a frustrating process for parents and stressful for children. Helpful tips will be given to expand their palate while keeping mealtime stress to a minimum.
FAMILY NUTRITION & BALANCED MEAL PLANNING - a healthy family is a happy family. I can help in dealing with nutrition and daily eating behaviours and meal planning that works for your family.
ALLERGIES & SENSITIVITIES - Removing foods from your child's diet can lead to the loss of important nutrients. A balanced, nutrient-rich diet is vital for a child's growth and development. Learning how to substitute healthy, safe alternatives is important when it comes to allergies and food sensitivities.
EATING DISORDERS - Anorexia, bulimia, orthorexia, binge eating disorder, obesity, disordered eating. Working through the underlying issues, while working on body image, self esteem and the nutrition aspect in order to become a normal healthy eater who eats anything and everything in moderation without any guilt. See
NUTRITION & SPORT - Being active and doing exercise is only half the battle.  In order for a child and adolescent to have the best chance at becoming successful athletes they need to fuel their bodies appropriately.
GROCERY STORE VISITS & STRATEGY - a great way to understand nutrition is going out into the real world at a grocery store. A grocery store tour can be beneficial in understanding what foods to buy/not buy for your family.

And many more options, tailored to your needs